About Us

DRY STUDIO was established in Tokyo in 2023 by Angry Miao product designer Stan Fu, aiming to bring advanced niche designs to global users at an approachable price range.

Using a single in-house brand sets limitations when it comes to expressing radical and diverse subcultures that the young generation cares about. Many talented creators in the global community do not affiliate themselves with a particular brand, and thus do not have to take brand consistency into consideration. This freedom allows creators to imagine designs that take avant-garde, eye-catchiness and individuality to the next level.

DRY STUDIO hopes it can become a platform for connecting global creators with diverse and innovative designs, without being limited to a brand's single design language. Powered by Angry Miao's technology, craftsmanship and supply chain expertise, DRY STUDIO aims to make unique designs available at a more approachable price range, and provide a platform for young creators to generate exposure.

At the same time, DRY STUDIO is ready to break the status quo, adding a unique flavor to otherwise "dry" single-brand designs. DRY STUDIO welcomes designers from all over the world to collaborate and make truly excellent works reality.

Black Diamond 75

First Product Launch

Introduce Black Diamond 75, the first ever custom gaming keyboard with leaf spring mounting.

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