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At this price, there really isn't a board on the market that has the same design factor and build quality.
The Black Diamond 75's build quality and ornate construction feel really impressive for this kind of money.
lt's unique, beautifully designed, has a sound, and feels usually reserved for group buy keyboards.

Sir Cilantro

It truly feels tailor made to fit gaming and keyboard enthusiasts alike.

Everything from the beautiful design to the unique rapid gaming switches had me all in on this board.

Gaming Tech

I was not expecting the sound to be this good.

I gamed a lot with this board, mainly fps titles where movement is super crucial, both wired and wireless mode 0 issues I had, it’s been a very pleasant experience.


The low latency was something I have been in search for, especially for FPS gaming

Using the dongle really is faster than on wired. Extremely noticeable when moving in FPS games, especially in Valorant.

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