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At this price, there really isn't a board on the market that has the same design factor and build quality.
The Black Diamond 75's build quality and ornate construction feel really impressive for this kind of money.
lt's unique, beautifully designed, has a sound, and feels usually reserved for group buy keyboards.

Sir Cilantro

It truly feels tailor made to fit gaming and keyboard enthusiasts alike.

Everything from the beautiful design to the unique rapid gaming switches had me all in on this board.

Gaming Tech

I was not expecting the sound to be this good.

I gamed a lot with this board, mainly fps titles where movement is super crucial, both wired and wireless mode 0 issues I had, it’s been a very pleasant experience.


The low latency was something I have been in search for, especially for FPS gaming

Using the dongle really is faster than on wired. Extremely noticeable when moving in FPS games, especially in Valorant.

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Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Sank (Phoenix, Arizona, United States)
Great all around keyboard. High build quality.

This keyboard did not disappoint in the slightest. Solid build quality and worth every penny

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Ricardo Delgadillo (Cicero, Illinois, United States)

I've owned many keyboards in the past, but the Black Diamond 75 feels like pure luxury. The design is magnificent and the weight on the keyboard is perfect. I definitely recommend this keyboard!

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Justin Buchanan (Waxahachie, Texas, United States)
Awesome board!

I’m definitely in love with this board. Took me a min to get used to typing on it since the switches go off so fast, but now it’s hard to use my old board at work. I ended up putting some GMK infernal caps on as you can see in the picture with the prism on my escape. For me this has been the best sounding gaming keyboard I’ve used. All around goodness, would recommend.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Jacob M (Richardson, Texas, United States)
The Mythril Black Diamond 75

I first saw this keyboard from the popular youtuber HipyoTech, which was the carbon black version. However, just from a YouTube video I could tell the quality of this keyboard. The leaf springs in the keyboard make it feel unlike any keyboard I've ever used, and the sound of the keycaps alongside the switches is among the best sounding I've heard from any of the keyboards on the current market.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Luis Espinosa (Dayton, Ohio, United States)
Perfect keyboard

Decided to buy one of these mainly for the looks, and was surprised by the feel of this keyboard. I never really had an interest in linear keyboards until I actually tried one like this.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Jose Rivera (The Bronx, New York, United States)
No other needed

I just went through a keyboard adventure and just met the final boss. Game over. Might just get a back up in case something happens to this tank.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Bilal Belguenani (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)
Black Diamond 75 Advanced

Customizable LEDs front and in-switch ones, amazing beautiful smooth sound, great to the touch, quality material. All of my wishes come true truly. In love with it!

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
francis mina (McKinney, Texas, United States)
Ultimate Overall Keyboard

Black Diamond 75 Advanced - Mithril

This is the best all around keyboard I have ever owned in terms of feel, sound, features, and sophistication. I owned multiple keyboards, this one seems more specialized and collectively responsive. The Mithril is a lot heavier than any other usual keyboard. I will definitely try to get a feel of the Carbon version one day, if chances happens.

In all honesty, the keyboard gives a wow-factor and undoubtedly stands out. As a gamer, this is no doubt a beneficial to feel more connected to your games.

Cons - The issue I am having is setting up the 2.4g wireless configuration. Nonetheless, wired option is available and support staff will assist you throughout the configuration process.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Anonymous (Sykesville, Maryland, United States)
Fabulous Keyboard!!

I got the black Diamond 75 as part of the Indigogo campaign and I am SO glad I did. It's by far the best keyboard I've ever owned when comparing features and sound and feel (having used Razers and Logitech keyboards in the past. This replaces a Logitech g915). Looking forward to using it for years to come and might get a second! My only minor quibble with it was that one of the anti-skid rubber feet was uneven compared to the others so I had to put a bit of cardboard under it, but since that matches the keyboard and desk, that in NO way detracts from my rating. I'm planning on keeping this for a LONG time (as in I NEVER want to have another one unless it's an exact replacement), getting the battery replaced as needed to keep it alive.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Steven Le Coz (Brest, Brittany, France)
Un clavier hors norme

Je conseillerai vivement à toutes personnes ayant les moyens de s'offrir ce bijoux de précision de le faire, en effet c'est qualité de finition et de design son irréprochable, en plus d'être emballé d'une manière exceptionnelle, grave à c'est touche en céramique vous prenez goût à écrire en tapant sur c'est touche, c'est a la fois relaxant et palpitant.

Pour ma part c'est un régale a chaque fois que je l'utilise, d'ailleurs dès que j'ai l'occasion de m'en servir peut un porte le support ou l'utilisation, je le branche et c'est parti pour ce régalé des yeux et des doigts.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
C.S. (Freeland, Maryland, United States)
Great Customer support

I was accidentally delivered the wrong keyboard. I emailed support and got a response within 1 business day. After some back and forth we were able to reach an agreeable solution as the keyboard I had ordered was no longer in stock.

The keyboard itself is great with no quality issues and I will end up gifting it to a friend.

I was pleasantly surprised by the customer support and now will highly recommend Dry studio based on my experience.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Cesar Munoz (Owensboro, Kentucky, United States)
Black diamond 75. La calidad en su máximo esplendor

La primera impresión de este teclado es aún mejor cuando lo tienes en tus manos, calidad, estética y sobre todo comodidad. Recomiendo ampliamente hacerse con uno.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Sullivan (Omaha, Nebraska, United States)

It’s pretty good, the style is flawless and clean. It has some weight to it but it feels nice. The handles are helpful for moving it. The sounds it makes are also so good, it’s also extremely responsive, so it’s GREAT for gaming. The L.E.D’s are also very nice and clean. There’s so much I still haven’t done with it, it’s crazy haha.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Edwin Yang (Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia)
A solid gaming keyboard

I love the shape, the typing feel and the value to money of this keyboard

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
KunKun (Denver, Colorado, United States)
Good Keeb for price, but not perfect.

Like most buyers have said this keyboard looks great and feels great. The sound is good for the price and feels like a quality product. Lots of great points that one can find in other reviews and videos.

For the things that almost no one talks about: 1)The software is lacking for the board. it shares the angray miao AX master software, which feels like just a patch for the BD75. The RGB control is a pain, with very limited key mapping, and no macro support. I very much hope DRY studio will update/fix the software support side of things. 2) The OC could be better. my own BD75 had many keycaps with twisted stems. The Bluetooth was working out of the box. The DRY studio support was nice enough to send a replacement circuit board (big thumbs up). 2) the bumpers at the corners of the FR4 plate could be softer. The return bunce from the leaf spring combined with the hard bumper, makes a "banging" sound with the top plate.(at least on mine).

Again, This is a great keeb, but not without flaws. The flaws to me are not deal breakers, just some annoyances. I do like the keep very much.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Jack Davis (Sacramento, California, United States)
Great and unique keyboard with terrible software.

I love the design of this keyboard. The leaf spring gasket mount is like typing on a pillow. The exterior design is well thought out, and it's like the Batmobile of keyboards visually. It's well made, cool looking, and works really well overall.

There are some caveats here though:

The software for setting keybindings and especially lighting is, frankly, the worst I've ever used. It's a real chore to get things working well (or at all), and doing any sort of animation with the lighting is a total nightmare.
Secondly, the Qi charging is really bad at picking up a charging signal, especially considering it's supposed to be "high end" and it's integrated into the keyboard. I have a wireless charger mounted to the bottom of my desk setup, and with my old keyboard with a wireless battery simply taped to the bottom of it, it picked up charging without any issue. This keyboard will not, and I have to remove my mouse pad for it to even get a signal. Even then, it's spotty at best. I've been simply using the cable rather than deal with the wireless charging, which is annoying as I paid a premium for it.

All in all, it's a solid keyboard, and looks and performs great while typing. I'd highly suggest skipping the premium version, as the lighting is too much of a hassle, and the Qi charging doesn't work well. Save yourself the extra $40+.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Jamison White (Overland Park, Kansas, United States)
Beautiful but blinding

This keyboard is a work of art. It is a wonderful accent to your overall battle station for sure. The clean lines, acrylic glass accents and the carbon fiber undertones are just remarkable.

Functionality of this keyboard is top notch. Typing on it is a dream. The custom functions you can build out are almost endless. With every peripheral these days requiring proprietary software to be installed. It’s nice that this keyboard doesn’t require any of that. It just works.

The biggest gripe I have with this keyboard is the LED lights. The backlights are not per key, but are just kind of hanging out under the keyboard. And unless you have your keyboard directly under your chin you will get blinded by the backlights shinning through the cracks in between the keys. Which great detail put in to this keyboard, I was shocked to find such poor care put in to the backlight configuration. It’s so bad that I just leave my backlights off otherwise if you look at your keyboard you will be blinded by the led lights.

Obviously the price is steep and honestly not worth it.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75
Damon (Los Angeles, California, United States)
Awesome keyboard held back by the software

My review is in two parts because the keyboard is amazing, but the software leaves a lot to be desired.

Keyboard (5/5):
I normally love clicky switches, but the linears provided with this board have converted me. They feel silky smooth and sound amazing paired with the spring leaf setup. The carbon fiber look fits in with my setup perfectly, especially sitting on my desk that was wrapped with carbon fiber vinyl. The keyboard is also very straightforward to disassemble if needed. The 2.4GHz adapter works perfectly, but I leave it on a wired connection 99% of the time.

To program this board and adjust lighting, you are forced to use Angry Miao's proprietary solution instead of QMK. This is an absolute pain for those running Linux, as Angry Miao has so far refused to provide support for Linux even though the software was written in Python and should be an easy port. If you value your privacy and refuse to use Windows or Mac, be prepared to borrow a computer from someone to do something as simple as changing the color of the lighting. If they had chosen to go with the well supported and open source VIA firmware, this would have been the perfect keyboard.